When you request a quote with our company we will approach a wide range of insurers, which means you don’t have to visit multiple websites.  Requesting a quote will take five to fifteen minutes and we will provide you with quotes from some of Australia’s best strata insurance brands, many that do not deal directly with clients.

We provide a range of options to make it easy for you to get a quote from us.

Quote Now (15 minutes)

If you have information ready at your fingertips and fifteen minutes of your time, the quote now option means that you provide us with all available information, and we will not need to request further information from you. If there is any information missing or if we have questions that need clarifying, we will contact you as soon as possible to ensure your quote is provided as soon as possible.

Short Form (less than 2 minutes)

If you are short of time or do not have the information available to arrange a quote, the short form is a suitable alternative. We will request basic information from you and contact you separately by your preferred contact method to obtain any further information that is necessary.

Call Us (10 minutes)

You can call us during business hours, and we will go through all questions needed to get your quote underway.

Email Us (5 minutes)

If you prefer contact by email, send us a copy of your current quote or policy schedule and we will email you back with any further questions needed to provide quotes.

Upon submitting the relevant information, we will provide you with quotes from a comprehensive range of insurers.  We will also issue a detailed statement of advice which provides important consideration points and highlights optional benefits available that are not covered off in your quote to ensure cover is appropriate for your needs.

Our Partner Insurers